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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ohio Conservative Blog Thespis Journal Defends Corsi, Rips Obama: Corsi Is White And Earned Harvard Ph.D

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Arguments about Jerome Corsi's abilities as a writer have veered into race. Thespis Journal seems to be suggesting that Corsi -- author of a controversial best seller that paints Barack Obama as a dangerous leftist -- is intellectually sturdier than the Democratic presidential candidate because Corsi is a white man. The subject came up this morning in a post that defends Corsi:

"Folks, it doesn't get any better than this. Unlike Barack Obama -- who was admitted to Harvard Law because of affirmative action and a 'legacy' admission due to his father having gone to the University -- it is clear that Jerome Corsi earned his way into the prestigious Boston college."

Should the debate over Corsi's book, The Obama Nation, really have anything to do with skin color?


  1. Thanks for the link.

    Corsi's book is only "controversial" when liberals are searching for a pejorative to mis-characterize the book.

    The democrat party is counting on the use of the race card to get Obama elected. If someone says Obama is "thin" that becomes a racist comment. If someone says that Obama got in to Harvard on Affirmative Action, that is called racist.

    This hyer-sensitivity, popular with the liberal-elites, is not about progress in the United States. It is about escaping Obama's socialist record.

    Obama and Bill Clinton are the only politicians to play the race card in this election thus far.

    You appear to utilize the tactic popularized by Bill and Hillary Clinton: personally attack anyone who has facts that stand against you. Forget the substance of the charges, especially when they are true.

  2. Wait a minute. You are not telling the truth. I never used the word racist and it definitely never even occurred to me to attack you as such. I don't know you. I was interested and intrigued by your defense of Corsi, a person whose work I despise. And as anyone can see, the word "racist" first appears in your comment above. It crops up where you portray yourself as the victim of an attack that is a total self-creation. To borrow a phrase that appeared in your comment, the facts stand against you. So you have concocted a false charge to wrap yourself in a cloak of bogus victimization. And Obama IS thin.

  3. Bill -
    Obama was not an "affirmative action" case. According to reports, he didn't even complete the section regarding race on his law school application.

    Maybe thespis can defend some of Corsi's other "scholarly" work, like calling oil a renewable resource.

  4. BrooklynbookwormAugust 16, 2008 2:11 PM

    Bill --

    This Thespis character tells you things like Corsi's book become controversial when the liberals out there are searching for a pejorative to mischaracterize the work. Does the reverse apply to Darwin's Origin of the Species? Is it controversial because some people searched for a pejorative to mischaracterize the theory of evolution? If Thespis is right things are controversial not because they are provocative, charged with opinion and challenging to an entrenched dogma. They are controversial because of liberals. I guess the consersatives and capitalists of the world don't see abortion or Karl Marx worthy of controversy.

  5. Hi Redhorse:

    I don't know the details about Obama's admission to Harvard Law, whether it was by affirmative action, legacy, scholarship and grades. Do you have any detail? As far as I can tell, nobody seems to have asked Obama that question. He does say his own daughters shouldn't go to college on affirmative action because they have a pretty privileged upbringing. The Thespis Journal author does not say how he knows for sure that Obama got into Harvard on affirmative action. Maybe Thespis Journal can elaborate. Of course, he might not know, and he could have made the whole thing up.

  6. Oh dear. Surely you can't think that you MUST use the word "racist" in order to imply or call someone a racist? Your tawdry little smear was self-evident.

    The point of your entire post was an attack on me. No problem, this is the technique of all intellectually vacant liberals.

  7. You continue to see things that aren't there. Delusional? But let's see you put up: How do you know that Obama got into Harvard Law through affirmative action? You said it. Now prove it.

    Or do you just make up things and post them on your blog? By the way, I don't think you are a racist. I may soon think you are a fabricator. So, Thespis, prove what you wrote about Obama and Harvard Law. Just prove it. Or, to again borrow a phrase you used above, are you just an "intellectually vacant" ideologue. And Obama IS thin.

  8. You might want to check this out...

  9. Thespis --

    I read the post. You have no clue if affirmative action played any role in Obama's admission to Harvard Law. You just made up your line that Obama was admitted "because of affirmative action." So the Thespis Journal makes up stories. I guess it wants to improve on the news. There are serious conservative bloggers out there who work their asses off and place value on credibility and truth. You are clearly not among them.

  10. There is a good case to be made that affirmative action has benefited both Barack and Shelley.

    While you're drinking that Maddow Kool-Aid and skipping on the yellow brick road with Keith Olbermann, see how many naive Cincinnati Republicans you can pull along with your drivel. Good luck with that.

    Even Barack acknowledges that he could have benfited, but why should his moonbat followers?

  11. Bill - No, I don't recall where I read that. Magazine article I believe, or perhaps a national news blog like First Read.

    The statement was merely that he didn't check any box on the application re: race; it did not address what other characteristics made admissions accept him.

  12. The point that you crazy kool-aid drinking liberals are missing is that Thespis doesn't need to prove anything. Why? Because proof is based on facts and evidence. And who uses facts and evidence?

    That's right, liberals. Crazy, socialist, America-hating, Jesus-slapping, mountain-biking, cafe-dwelling, NYTimes-reading, muslim-loving liberals.

    Facts and evidence come from liberals, metaphysical truth comes from Republicans.

    Thespis/Limbaugh '08

  13. Ok. "Mr. Facts and Knowledge"...

    Can you prove that Barack and Shelley were not helped by affirmative action, cause they sure can't!!!!!!

    Typical, liberal straw man. Barry and Shelley are willing to own up to it, yet their moonbat buddies will spend the whole campaign denying it.

    Hey, after last night's forum, Barry's gonna need all the help he can get. That was an unmitigated disaster for him.

    Mega-Dittos by the way!

  14. Bill, this Thespis Journal character is the one who said Obama got into Harvard Law through affirmative action while Jerome Corsi "earned" his spot at the university. Thespis Journal has not produced a shred of evidence, not a document, not a quote, nothing from Harvard, not a sheet for a paper trail. Nada. This vulgar basement dweller confuses opinion with fact. He confuses a point of view with reality. He doesn't know anything except to rant and moan. You are right to call him a fabricator. He is a whiner and a yellow belly. He's a chicken. Thespis Journal blogs under a pseudonym. If he had any any guts, he'd come out. He's a coward. Mega-shivers all the way!

  15. Thespis, can you prove the month and year in which you stopped beating your wife?

  16. Please see Syrin.vox.ord and

    All conservatives must understand what McCain and PALIN are actually offering.

  17. Thepsis never said Corsi was intellectually sturdier than Obama because "he's a white man."

    He said he's intellectually sturdier because he "earned" his way into Harvard and he suggested the bar may have been lowered for Obama because of race preference.

    That's not quite the same thing.

  18. Where does the issue of intelligence come up in your citation?

    I can see where it argues Corsi worked his way into Harvard, where Obama had it handed to him, but nowhere does it compare Obama and Corsi's intellectual gifts.

  19. I was interested and intrigued by your defense of Corsi, a person whose work I despise. And as anyone can see, the word "racist" first appears in your comment above. It crops up where you portray bedroom furniture yourself as the victim of an attack that is a total self-creation.

  20. If Thespis is right things are controversial not because they are provocative.