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Friday, January 29, 2010

Cincinnati Enquirer Follows Blog's Scoop About Iranian Steel Shipment: Gives No Credit To Bellwether

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- On Monday, the Daily Bellwether was first to report that U.S. officials seized 2.5 tons of stainless steel in Cincinnati that was bound for Iran. Today's (Jan. 29, 2010) Cincinnati Enquirer has the story on the front-page of the local section. No mention of where the news first broke five days ago. Still, Reporter Dan Horn did an excellent job of following The Bellwether, and even made efforts to add information to what is known about the Iranian trade embargo violation. The feds, however, would not offer much. The Enquirer report is online. You can get the details:

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Last Updated: 7:06 am
Wanted: Owner of 2.5 tons of steel

Here's the lead paragraph from the Enquiry story: "Immigration officials are looking for the owner of 2.5 tons of stainless steel that was seized in Cincinnati because it was being shipped to Iran without U.S. government approval."

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  1. Blogging is a tough gig. :) Can't speak for others but passion and love of information - good, accurate information that isn't getting ink anywhere else and which the reading public can decide whether they need or not or trust it or not, is what it's all about.