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Friday, January 15, 2010

Democrat David Pepper On Mary Taylor's Departure: This Proves GOP State Auditor Was 'Overtly Political'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Hamilton County Commissioner David A. Pepper has released a statement about Mary Taylor's decision to quit the auditor's race. Taylor is running for lieutenant governor. She is the only Republican who holds a statewide non-judicial office in Ohio. Democrat Pepper expected to face her in the November general election:

"In one way, though, this week's announcement underscores what I've long emphasized about the unfortunate direction of today's State Auditor office. At the top levels, the work and tone of the office have become overtly political and partisan, designed to get headlines and score political points. Multiple newspapers have highlighted this trend. And unfortunately, I have no doubt it will continue, now through the end of the year. This all comes at a huge cost. Not only has it led to thousands of taxpayer dollars being wasted on frivolous spending. But it has sacrificed the central and necessary element of any good audit operation--objectivity and independence. Without that, the mission and effectiveness of the Auditor's work is entirely undermined."

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