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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unfortunate Son? Fisher's Home County Not Endorsing in Senate Primary

By Anthony Fossaceca crossposted on Ohio Daily
The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party will not be taking up the issue of Fisher v. Brunner when they meet this Saturday morning to endorse candidates for state and countywide office for the May primary. According to a spokesperson for the county party, there will not be action taken on an endorsement unless the Ohio Democratic Party chooses to endorse on their own.

While by no means catastrophic to the Fisher campaign, not being able to land the endorsement of his own home county - after decades in elected office - is a rather significant slap in the face. Furthermore, it gives Jennifer Brunner a whole lot of breathing room to maneuver on the ground especially in the western suburbs, the city of Cleveland, and the inner ring communities.

Regardless of whether or not there is an endorsement, Fisher should be able to lock down most of his old state legislative turf in Shaker, Beachwood, and bordering communities. But not having the party support in the toss-up precincts suddenly puts a few more votes into play. And without a party endorsement, precinct captains are essentially freelancing with whomever they choose.

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