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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ohio Senate GOP Leaders Give Steve Buehrer High Post: He Pals With Nullifiers

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Maybe this presages a move to hang Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee's portrait in the Ohio capitol. Newly selected Senate majority whip Steve Buehrer serves on an American Legislative Exchange Council task force chaired by a Tennessee lawmaker who's been talking up the idea of nullification. That's a pre-Civil War legal concept that said the states could nullify federal laws they didn't like. South Carolina and other southern states were a hotbed of nullification in the era of slavery. Nullification dropped by the wayside in the 1800s. The Union had an Army and Navy and Ohio-born generals Ulysses S. Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman and Phil Sheridan. By the way, they all were Republicans.

Tennessee State Rep. Susan Lynn, a conservative Republican, says she's considering legislation that would revive nullification by allowing Tennessee to declare null and void federal laws it considers unconstitutional. Buehrer, R-Delta, is on ALEC's Commerce, Insurance and Economic development task force. Buehrer shows up as a public sector executive. Tennessee's Lynn shows up as the panel's co-chairperson.

About nullification, Lynn told the Nashville City Paper that Tennessee lawmakers "are very interested and they are looking at it." She didn't seem to talk about the Civil War, the bloody battles fought in Tennessee, or even the 1830s when Andrew Jackson, a president from Tennessee, sent warships to South Carolina. That state had passed a law nullifying a federal tariff. It gave in when gunships showed up in Charleston Harbor. The next effort at nullification was the Civil War.

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