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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Video Gamers As Race of Super Soldiers? Pentagon Reports Gamers Think Faster 'Than Normal People'

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Minds work up to 20% quicker. Pentagon researchers believe video games stimulate human brains so much that they are going to become a new tool in the war on terrorists. The Air Force today released a scintilla of the data, and it shows video games aren't turning heads into mush. "We have discovered that video game players perform 10 to 20 percent higher in terms of perceptual and cognitive ability than normal people that are non-game players," said Ray Perez, a program officer at the Office of Naval Research warfighter performance department. "Our concern is developing training technologies and training methods to improve performance on the battlefield," said Perez, who holds a doctorate in educational psychology. He described the war against terrorists as presenting significant challenges to warfighters on the ground because they must be able to adapt their operations to innovative and deadly adversaries who constantly change their tactics. "It's really about human inventiveness and creativeness and being able to match wits with the enemy."

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