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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Cincinnati Skirts Stink Embroiling Toledo: Procter and Gamble Puts Up $50K For Proper Spot For City Dogs To Poop

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Ohio is a state with split personalities and deep regional differences. Here's proof: Toledo-area residents can't get their act together over how to handle dog crap. Maybe that's why the NW Ohio city is America's 15th most miserable community, according to Forbes Magazine. Toledo produced this memorable line: "Who the hell wants a bunch of dead grass where dogs poop on in their park?". Meanwhile, P&G's pet care division says it is giving a $50,000 grant to Cincinnati's downtown council for a dog park that will cover nearly a half-acre. SW Ohio's urban hounds will get to romp off their leashes. And poop within sight of downtown's skyline. Lisa Renee's Toledo-based blog Glass City Jungle has been red hot in cyber space (I was going to say flush with readers) about that city's dog poop flap. Here's a quote from a local parks official:

“Once this dog park is in use, the area will become brown. The beautiful grass will deteriorate,” Diane Shankland, President of the Ottawa-Jermain Parks Advisory Board said. “It was kind of shoved down our throat as a board, we weren’t advised at all and all of a sudden we find in the paper the fence is going up March.”

In Cincinnati, the dog park is going onto a slice of urban space that is mostly owned by the Ohio Department of Transportation. Some of the P&G grant money will be used for fencing and screens. The Cincinnati Enquirer's Carrie Whitaker did some excellent reporting about the downtown dog park today.

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