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Saturday, March 06, 2010

WLW 700 AM Radio Talk Show Host Bill Cunningham: Ripped As Ruthless Businessman

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Taxman blog, a conversative site, posted an unflattering item today about Bill Cunningham, the conservative Cincinnati talk show host. It's about Willie's, a local bar and restaurant outfit that uses Cunningham's nickname. Seems to have some inside info. Check out the crunch lines:

"Last year, given that the stores were losing money, the principal owner, Brad Orr, gave ownership of the Kenwood store to the accountant Barb for cover the debt they owed her.Apparently, Cunningham wanted the store back so he could give his jerk wad of a kid a store to manage. But he didn't go to Barb to buy her out. Instead, knowing that the store was on a month to month lease, went to the landlords and offered a sizable rent increase if they would evict Willie's out of the spot; which they promptly did.So now Willie's is attempting to reopen on Galbraith road where the old Gentry Shop used to be. And Cunningham is looking to start his new place where the old one used to be."

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    Now, they are trying to aquire my paid off home free and clear so they can re-sell it for a huge profit. They have done this sort of thing before with the help of their attorney David Allen Sed. Its become part of their business model. Horrible, but true.

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