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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OH-01 Early Voting: Current Stats Show GOP's Chabot Likely Gains From Absentee Surge

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The rematch between Democrat Steve Driehaus and Republican Steve Chabot for the OH-01 House seat on Cincinnati's west side appears to be drawing massive voter interest. Hamilton County Board of Elections data [see computer printout] through last weekend shows Republican voters have requested 3, 973 absentee ballots. That is nearly 25% more than Democrats. In the entire county, 18,544 absentee ballots have been pulled, with 12,293 in OH-01 and 6,251 in OH-02, where Republican Jean Schmidt is seeking re-election. Clearly, the Driehaus v. Chabot showdown in this year's heavyweight contest. A total 5,230 ballots in OH-01 have gone to voters identified as independents.

Early voting starts Sept. 28 in Ohio, and Chabot may turn out to be the beneficiary. Things look especially good for him in traditional Republican suburbs. Nearly 1,000 ballots have been requested Colerain Township -- 114 Dem; 382 GOP; 467 Indy. In Green Township, 1,980 ballots have been pulled -- 226 Dem; 888 GOP; 869 Indy. In the City of Cincinnati proper, which votes Democratic, more Dems have requested ballots than Republicans. But the city is geographically divided between OH-01 and OH-02, and there is no data showing who is the likely beneficiary. Driehaus probably.

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