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Monday, September 20, 2010

Watch Videos Of Ohio University's Bobcat Mascot Tackling Brutus The Buckeye: The Daily Bellwether Has The YouTube Clip

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Here's a clip on YouTube that was shot at Ohio Stadium. And here's a better version that shows a security officer moving in. Today, Ohio University apologized for the incident and banned the Bobcat mascot from taking part in any of the school's athletic events. Some wags have noted the Bobcat's take down of the OSU mascot was about the only tackle Ohio University made on game day. The Athens News has a great story on the incident by Reporter David DeWitt, who tracked down the former Bobcat mascot:

"On Monday, now formerly Rufus the Bobcat Brandon Hanning said the whole reason he tried out for the role of mascot over a year ago was to carry out this plan. 'No one else knew about it,' he said.

Hanning, a sophomore from Pomeroy, said he has played Rufus for the past year, donning the Bobcat costume for basketball and football games.

'I’m probably done now,' Hanning conceded, noting that he had not yet been contacted by anyone from OU and had found out about his ban from Ohio athletics in a story posted on the ESPN website. (The NBC News site also posted a story about the incident, with an additional video.) 'I honestly don’t know what gave me the idea. 'I just thought it would be really funny.'

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