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Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Debate In Alabama Today Over Andre Smith Pick By Cincinnati Bengals: Mobile Sportswriter Points Out 'Bama Star Remains NFL Dud

Did Saban Snooker Bengals?
CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Sportswriter Mike Herndon at the Press Register down in Mobile has the comment line burning at his Alabama Gulf Coast newspaper.  He noted today -- after the Bengals stunk it up Sunday against Tampa Bay -- that the Andre Smith "saga" continues to unfold in Cincinnati.  First-rounder Smith still hasn't cracked Bengals' the starting line-up, although he did play a few downs Sunday.  1Herndon dredged up a Marvin Lewis quote that suggests the Bengals might have been snookered by University of Alabama Coach Nick Saban before the 2009 draft.  Smith came from the Crimson Tide.  The old quote seems to have lit the woods on fire.  Here's a link to Herndon's piece that is stirring up Alabama, Auburn and NFL fans down in Mobile. And here's a comment that says it's not Saban's fault if the Bengals wasted a No. 1 pick on a dud:

"I like Marvin Lewis, but it's not Alabama's fault he drafted Smith as high as he did. Teams spend a fortune in money and time scouting these players. If, at the time of the draft, they don't know what kind of player they are getting, that is their fault, not the college. For example, the Colts were going to draft Ryan Leaf number 1 over Peyton Manning. Leaf then failed to show up for his final interview with the Colts scout staff. Right then, they knew Leaf was a player that simply didn't care, which then showed in his failed NFL career. The Colts drafted Manning and the Chargers drafted Leaf. Worked out best for the Colts."

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