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Monday, October 11, 2010

What Do Out of Office Ohio Governor's Do? They Teach

The Human In Photo Is Bob Taft

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Former GOP Gov. Bob Taft has become a first time teacher this fall at the University of Dayton, where he's leading an upper level political science class.  Taft left office in 2006 after completing two terms.  At the time, polling showed he was the nation's most unpopular governor.  He landed at U of D in 2007 as a distinguished research associate in the School of Education.  Dayton put out a press release today announcing Taft's shift to the classroom. Taft said about his teaching debut: "I've done a lot of lecturing on political topics, but this is my first time leading a course. I've always been passionate about education, and my primary interests at the University of Dayton have been on improving education and access to college.

"It was a lot of work for me to prepare the syllabus, select the textbook, develop the writing assignments for the students and then, of course, class presentation and grading are a new adventure for me," Taft said. "But it's giving me a great opportunity to connect with students and contribute to the University in a new way."

The press release doesn't mention that Taft was the first sitting Ohio governor to be convicted off a crime. He failed to disclose on ethic statements that he was given free golf outings, 52 in all. One was with Tom Noe, a swindler who is serving prison time. Others were with lobbyists. The press release also doesn't mention that Ohio lost about 250,000 jobs under Taft, who served in the governor's governor's mansion during periods of economic boom in other areas of the nation. Taft also drew the ire of conservative Republicans for signing legislation that enacted the largest tax increase in Ohio history. Back in 2007, when he landed on campus, Dayton's student newspaper, The Flyer, was ballistic.  Here's a link from from The Daily Bellwether's archives about Taft's arrival on the campus of the Catholic university.

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