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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shadowy Hillary 2012 Write-in Bid Launched For New Hampshire Primary: Groups Seen Targeting Obama By Touting Non-Candidate

Facebook Group Urges N.H. Write-ins
CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The Draft Hillary movement now has an active Facebook site that is drumming up support for a write-in campaign in the Jan. 10, 2012 New Hampshire presidential primary.  And Hillary's staff has recently sent out a fundraiser (see below) reminding 2008 supporters of her "determination to keep going" that year.  Still,  Secretary of State Clinton isn't running and President Barack Obama is on the Democratic ballot in New Hampshire's first in the nation primary.  But somebody is out to split the Democrats.  One Clinton Facebook supporter says, "It's an idea whose time has come.  Otherwise people better get used to saying President Romney or President Gingrich."  Last week, there were robo calls and e-mails sent to Cincinnati area Democrats that urged them to dump Obama. The same material circulated nationally, creating suspicion of a Republican dirty trick.  Yet there are prominent Democrats who want Hillary to run, and they have called for a New Hampshire write-in campaign.
 Pollsters Patrick Caddell, an ex-Jimmy Carter operative, and Douglas E. Schoen, a one-time Clinton operative, argued earlier this month that Democrats should draft Hillary.  In Politico, Caddell and Schoen said Obama was too divisive for the nation:
"It’s clear that Obama has been unable to build consensus and, with the polarizing campaign he is now running, will be unable to govern effectively even if reelected. Only Clinton can commit the Democratic Party — and, indeed, the nation — to a unification and healing process. This could allow Washington, in a bipartisan manner, to finally address the economic and governmental crises that now grip America.
We are facing a crisis of national leadership, so citizens should step up and take charge of their country the way demonstrators in the Middle East did earlier this year. And, stunningly, as the people of Russia are now doing."

Here's another website that has just popped up.Hillary Forever, that appears rather sophisticated.  Meanwhile, the remnants of Hillary's 2008 campaign -- which went down to the wire with Obama -- is circulating a fundraiser that offers to sell leftover swag, including an "inspiring video" of her introduction to the Democratic National Convention that year.  Interesting timing for an inspiring video to pop up?  The letter tells Hillary supporters, "Together, we made history in the last presidential election" and that her loyal backers "made Hillary's campaign one that will never be forgotten."  Again, there is nothing from Hillary that says she's going to challenge Obama in 2012.  But there is a reference that seems to point to more than a RIP for the 2008 contest -- a reminder of Hillary's "determination to keep going, often in the face of enormous obstacles."

Dear XXX,
Get your DVD today!
Together, we made history in the last presidential election.
From Hillary's speech at the Democratic National Convention, to the work and support that each of us brought to the campaign, that story lives on -- in the history books, in our memories, and in the mementos that commemorate that time.
Now, those mementos are disappearing as your fellow supporters claim the last of them.
We only have a few official campaign posters, buttons and t-shirts left. We're running out of the DVDs with Hillary's historic speech at the 2008 Denver convention, the inspiring video that introduced her, and President Clinton's speech -- some of which are signed by President Clinton himself.
Once these last items are gone, they're gone forever.
In her speech in Denver, Hillary told us, "You allowed me to become part of your lives. And you became part of mine."
As we all know, campaigns are tough, but having loyal supporters like you helped make Hillary's campaign one that will never be forgotten.
By making a contribution today, you will have your own personal remembrance of the "determination to keep going, often in the face of enormous obstacles" -- one of the last such mementos there will ever be. And all contributions will go to paying the last of the expenses the campaign incurred while making our historic stand.
"You never gave in. You never gave up. And together, we made history."
Those words are as true today as they were when Hillary first spoke them. I hope you'll reserve your piece of history today.
Thank you again,
Hillary Clinton for President


  1. Interesting. Although I don’t want any part of Hil and would like to see a true Tea Party Conservative run, I’m still ABO (Anyone But Obama). If a split Democratic Party helps achieve that, fine.

    Sure wish Rep. Allen West of Florida were in the fray. He’s black, intelligent, conservative, and---unlike Cain---electable.

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

  2. Who is official running for the Democrat nomination? The only definitive candidate I can find is Obama. Are they even going to have a Democratic nomination? I think its really strange that Obama was the only qualified Democrat to run for President in Virginia. Also, think its equally weird that in Virginia, out of everyone running, all but two were disqualified from the Republic primaries. Something is not right here.

  3. The letter from the Hillary campaign is boilerplate "retire her debt" stuff I've been getting for a couple of years. I don't think it means anything. Caddell & Schoen are just angling for attention and importance, but they're flogging a dead horse. The direction they want Democrats to go — all that phony "centrist" "third way" kind of stuff is a dead end, and would CERTAINLY help elect a Republican.

    By the way, Allen west is nastiest, more divisive and more insane – as well as less qualified – than anyone currently in the GOP presidential field. But go ahead, cling to your fantasy that Republicans can "prove" they aren't racist by finding a fringe black guy as out of touch with mainstream thinking as they are.

  4. Hopeful Hillary BackerDecember 30, 2011 9:54 AM

    Hillary should be Obama Veep, Biden could be Sec'y of State. Those two switch jobs for 2012 campaign. This is talked about. Would crush Republicans with such ticket.

  5. What does Hillary have to gain by becoming Obama's court jester? Let him lose to Romney in 2012, and run as the Democratic nominee in 2016.