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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mystery Website Promoting Hillary vs. Obama in 2012 Links Back To Downtown Cincinnati Consulting Firm: Owner Calls It Error or Hoax

Cincy Dems Say Draft Hillary Movement Has Nixon Flavor 
CINCINNATI (TDB) -- A website urging Hillary Clinton supporters to donate $20.12 each to bankroll a movement aimed at drafting her into this year's Democratic presidential primaries links back to a downtown Cincinnati company called  HRC Consulting Inc. But the company's top executive tells The Daily Bellwether that his firm is "not involved" in any organized efforts to place Hillary or anyone else on the presidential ballot. H. Lee Krapp said, "It's not us. We're not involved in it. If you want to send us money, we'll take it. But we're not in any campaigns.  Nothing like that."  Krapp said his company's website,, could be a victim of mistaken identity.  Or perhaps a typo.   He said might be the intended address. However, is the web address of the Human Rights Campaign, a national lobbying group for gay rights.  The Cincinnati consultants and the Human Rights Campaign share the initials HRC, which are also those of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A crawler across the bottom of this LiveStream link touting the Hillary 2012 movement has the tie in to the Cincinnati company.  The crawler says,
Encourage Hillary to Run for President!  Go to Hillary Forever Facebook Page!  You can Donate $20.12 or more at!
Obviously, that leads to a location where donations aren't being collected on behalf of Hillary.

Caleb Faux, executive director of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, said he followed the Livestream link earlier today and quickly noticed it led to an office building located in downtown Cincinnati.  "I clicked and it went to an office on Third Street in Cincinnati. exists, but clearly it's not something connected to Hillary Clinton.  It looks like somebody is trying to imply it is Hillary Rodham Clinton, but it doesn't really have anything to do with her.   All this effort to make stuff up, to try to create something, when you add it all up it seems designed to give the impression that there is a lack of support in the Democratic Party for Barack Obama.  But Obama's support in the polls is going up right now.  So this all looks like a disinformation campaign.  It's like the dirty tricks stuff that happened during the Nixon years." 

HRC Consulting Services has been around for more than 25 years, and specialize in human resources work, including compensation and recruiting of employees.  Its client list over the years includes corporate blue chips such as Kroger Co., General Electric and Procter & Gamble.  It done work for the state of Ohio and City of Cincinnati, as well as Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati.  

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