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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ohio's Strickland Stumps With Hillary: A Weekend Audition For Veep Role?

[UPDATE: 3:27 PM. -- Strickland wants the Iowa caucus scrapped. Ohio's governor tells the Columbus Dispatch that he's no fan of the Iowa caucus, nor the New Hampshire primary, either. He can't see why such important events on the road to the White House take place in those states -- both rural and really atypical of the national as a whole. "I'd like to see both parties say, 'We're going to bring this to an end.'" If word gets back to Iowa that Strickland has such a low opinion of its cherished status, will that damage Hillary? ]

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- Rick Hines at HinesSight is deft at spotting political trends when they pop up in news stories. He sees Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland's last-minute swing through Iowa with Sen. Hillary Clinton ahead of the crucial Jan. 3 caucuses as a likely Strickland audition for No. 2 if she nails down the nomination. Hines is giving the swing a major ride on his national political blog today. Clinton is scrambling in Iowa to maintain her stature as the leading Democratic contender; that she wants Strickland at her side is a signal she thinks he's an effective ally.

"Clinton and Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland campaigned through vote-rich eastern Iowa this weekend. Some will see this as a try-out for the Vice-President spot on the ticket with Clinton having a popular governor from a key state by her side."


  1. Yahoo News had this at 9:29 last nite. Great scoop!

  2. Hi Anon --

    So you saw it in the Enquirer first? Of course not.

    It's an interesting development. Maybe most people weren't trolling the internet at 9:29 pm on a Saturday night like you seem to have been doing. They probably have lives.

  3. Observer of CincinnatiDecember 30, 2007 2:29 PM

    I read the Yahoo News article and there is no direct reference to being a possible vice president pick for Hillary.

    But, one could assume that since Strickland was in Iowa campaigning with her that the possibility was there.

    It could be a good choice for Clinton if she gets the nomination. Strickland may be able to pull Ohio back into the Democrat column, as back in the 90s when they voted for Bill.

  4. Hi Anon 2:29 pm --

    I did not see the Yahoo News piece until it appeared on Rick Hines sight. I think Rick noticed something interesting and added to it -- which is what bloggers are supposed to do.

    I'm not in the Strickland as Veep camp. I think it would be seriously harmful to his party in Ohio. He would be seen as leaving before he got the job done. It would mean Lee Fisher was the governor. It would more than likely make the Republicans more competitive for the 2010 races in Ohio. Right now, Strickland and the Dems appear to be on top of the world in Ohio. Would it be wise politics to tamper with that?

  5. Bill - the political chatterers picked it up too: