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Monday, January 21, 2008

Cleveland Plain Dealer Censors The N-Word: Hooray For Editors!!!

CLEVELAND (TDB) -- The newspaper management's account of the internal wrangling before it reached the decision is reported by reader rep Ted Diadiun. His column drew a retort from Gawker, which questioned the reasoning:

"If the Ohio newspaper wants to take political correctness to an extreme, fine. For consistency's sake, the PC police might want to do a purge of the Plain Dealer's archives, where there are several instances of the n-word making it through intact onto the the page."

My own history at The Plain Dealer: I used the the n-word once in print (that I recall), as a quote in a 1988 piece about Jesse Jackson's run in the Democratic presidential primary. A white senior citizen in Ironton said he planned to vote for Jackson, despite the fact the candidate was a n-----. His words surprised me and it was a quote that I never expected to see reach print. The geezer's point seemed to be that he thought Jackson was right on a lot of the issues though he didn't like the candidate's skin color. There was quite a flap after the quote appeared. And rightly so.

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  1. I am being censored by the PD for nothing on their sports blogs. I have been extremely tactful and appropriate, yet they have seemingly chosen to single me out and remove all my comments. What is going on???? I'm a Clevelander and member of the ACLU and this is troubling. Does a reference to actual statements made by racist former college basketball coaches (Adolph Rupp,Kentucky) actually censor anything I write?????????? Are you kidding me???