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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hamilton County's Pat DeWine: Put Ten Commandments In Courtrooms

CINCINNATI (TDB) -- The former senator's son -- whose broken marriage became an issue when he ran unsuccessfully for the OH-02 House seat in 2005 -- now finds himself in a contested Republican primary for a Common Pleas Court judgeship. This time, Pat DeWine seems to be making a play for the socially conservative GOP vote. The Daily Bellwether has learned DeWine is listed replying "Yes" on a Citizens for Community Values questionnaire that asks if the Ten Commandments should be displayed in Ohio's courtrooms. Specifically, the question reads:

"Do you believe that a judge has the right to display the Ten Commandments in his or her courtroom?"

A link to the questionnaire is available here. Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Stratton filled out the form but refused to reveal her views about hanging the Commandments in a courtroom. She wrote: "Decline to answer on this: Issue may come before the Supreme Court."

DeWine, whose father, Mike, lost the Senate seat in November 2006 to Sherrod Brown, is a Hamilton County commissioner. He also may be opening himself up to charges he's a hypocrite. To some, his interest in the Ten Commandments may appear disingenuous considering that he had a reputation for flouting the Sixth Commandment: "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery." He was dogged throughout the 2005 congressional campaign about reports he left his pregnant wife for another woman. National Public Radio's political junkie Ken Rudin noted that Pat DeWine's personal life played a role in the loss to Jean Schmidt in the '05 House race:

"But what really doomed him -- and doomed he was, going from clear frontrunner to fourth-place finisher -- was his personal life. Several years ago, he left his wife, who was pregnant with their third child, for Betty Hull, a Republican lobbyist. The marriage ended in divorce, and Hull accompanied DeWine in his bid for Congress."


  1. Sounds like he hasn't read them.

  2. Norma --
    Thanks for stopping by. Maybe he read them. Lots of people have read them. I suppose that is the easy part when it comes to the Ten Commandments.

  3. So once you break any of the Commandments that's it? You're never allowed to refer back to them ever again? God help us all if that's the case. Come on guys.

  4. Anon is right; the point isn't whether you break them, how badly you break them, or how often you break them.

    The point is that they belong in courtrooms no matter what. And in public schools also. And in office lunchrooms as well. They should also be required on seatbacks of all new cars so kids can read them.

    Remember, when it comes to religion, there is no such thing as hypocrisy. Not in christianity, anyway.

    Burress/Falwell '08!

  5. Frankly, people break God's Law all the time (The Commandments). The issue is trying not to break the commandment(s) again. In DeWine's case, his original marriage ended in CIVIL divorce. God does not "recognize" civil divorce. In the Bible (NT) Jesus threw out divorce proclaiming what God has joined no man can end (except by death, which again is God's decision). So when DeWine continues to date and have sexual relations with other women he continues to break the commandment. So this is nothing more than more BS from DeWine. BTW, the woman he had at the Republican Lincoln/Reagan dinner looked liked a female version of the Cool Ghoul. Wow, I have no idea what his wife looked like, but I think it would be wise for him to return to his real wife and children. Then again, now that I think about it, maybe DeWine wants to remind himself of the commandments since he seems to be so good at breaking them. Hhhhmmmmmmmm....

  6. So are Betty Hull and Pat DeWine still together? I saw him several times this summer at Indigo's in Hyde Park with a tall, thin, blonde woman who was definitely not Hull.

    I always thought it was revealing that DeWine bought a uninspiring ranch house in Pleasant Ridge, lived there for a short while, then bought a house on Orchard Lane. So many beautiful old homes with character on that street. But he found and bought one of the few uninspiring ranch houses on that street as well.

    Sort of a metaphor, don't you think?

  7. Anon 12:47 PM --

    I don't think he's on Orchard Lane in Pleasant Ridge. It's Grand Vista, a block over and indeed a street of stately homes, some of which must go back to the 1920s.

  8. You're right--it's Grand Vista, the next street over from Orchard.
    But it still is a ranch house!
    search under "owner" for "dewine" and click on "image" in the left margin

  9. Instead of having a substantive debate on the issues we somehow have to resort to cheap personal attacks. Real nice.

    The guy was asked if he thought a judge had a right to display the Commandments, that's it.

    Read into it all you want, delve into years old stale personal matters, wax philosophical about the positives and negatives of Christianity. All of that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

    The man was asked a simple question and gave a simple answer. He filled out a questionaire that was sent to every candidate. Get over it.

  10. Hi Anon 2/18 9:48 pm --

    You say he was asked a simple question and gave a simple answer. Really? Who asked the question, and what would have been the impact if he had answered otherwise? He was queried specifically about the Ten Commandments, a moral and religious code. He was not asked for an opinion about modern art, or a recipe for barbecue sauce, or whether he thought the Beatles were better than the Stones.

    If his answer about the Ten Commandments doesn't matter, if it is as weightless as you imply, I would like to ask Mr. DeWine:

    "Do you think judges ought to be able to hang the Confederate flag in their courtrooms?"

    I suppose if he replies yes, that answer should be dismissed as meaning nothing at all. And, if he said no, what would the reason be? He didn't like the design?

  11. No, Pat and Betty are no longer together. They broke up in 2006 according to The Whistleblower.

  12. This is taking political correctness too far. Our country was founded on juedo cristian values. Pat Dewine is a good guy and we don't know the whole situation re: his marriage.