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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ohio On The Blogs: Football Season Tops Political Season

COLUMBUS (TDB) -- Ohio is the heart of it all, right? Or maybe only when the state's sports teams are on the field. Technorati tracks blog posts using key words. And Ohio was on the scope in a major way during the football season -- with the Browns having a rare good year, the Bengals another lousy year, and the Ohio State Buckeyes a great year until Jan. 7. That's the day they lost the NCAA national championship game. Within a few days, mentions of the state in the blogosphere took a bigger tumble than Janet Jackson's breast. The March 4 match between Hillary and Obama has Ohio on a bit of an uptick. But politics ain't football.


  1. I have 11 blogs, but I guess I don't tag many of them Ohio. Will have to start.

  2. Norma --

    Eleven blogs? Holy cow.